phase 01

Kick off

During the initial phase of product definition, we’re brainstorming the product and
how to execute on the project at the highest level with all necessary stakeholders.

This might result in project kickoff plan, a lean canvas, and a bunch of really early concept maps
and mockups of what we’re looking to build.

phase 02

UX research and wireframes

Moving into research, our team refines assumptions and fills in the blanks.

We review analytics, heuristics, content, product context, and user tests you’re probably having available.

From this output, scenarios, concept maps, and mockups will be created, leading into the design phase.

phase 03

UI Design and JS plugins

At this point, the product definition, product priorities, and product plan has been defined and are ready for more formal design deliverables.

Sketches and diagrams are also likely constantly being generated throughout this time.

In this phase we define our plugins and we finalise our pixel perfect UI mockups.

phase 04

Basic Implementation

We see it in a browser! Mocking up ideas go in an interactive form that brings them to life.

We create a server droplet and we set our development environment.

We integrate services and we keep building the website through git service step by step.

Comments and issues are tracked in Monospace Labs, and we redesign and iterate until we feel that all issues are solved.

phase 05

Production Server Setup and Upload

We create our production server environment.

We make secure trials to migrate any database elements from any older assets.

We finalize in all aspects and we are preparing for the live date.

phase 06

Testing and Go Live

Final data is up. The production server is ready. We’re testing thoroughly and we agree that is ready to GO.

We have a training class that we show how everything works and how you keep uploading your new material.

Let's GO LIVE!